How to use CoreProtect

by rustyanimal


  • /co inspect (co i)

  • /co lookup (co l)

  • /co rollback (co rb)


a (action) : block, session, chat, click, command, container, kill, username
u (user) : playername (ex ”vildadjuret)
t (time) : time in seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks etc (ex ”4d”)
b (block) : Specifies block type if action ”block” is specified (ex ”diamond_ore”)
r (radius) : Specifies radius in blocks of area to lookup data in

CoreProtect is a very powerful tool since it logs pretty much everything that happens on the server. Therefore, it is crucial for the work of a Moderator to have extensive knowledge of this plugin. There are very few situations where CoreProtect can’t provide the needed evidence. It is a sofisticated tool for investigative work and should, even if many don’t, be used very often by Moderators. This is no longer 2012 where, to get the required evidence to ban an xrayer, a staffmember needed to catch them red handed. With CoreProtect everything the Xrayer does is being logged to haunt them later on.


These are some example situations to help you understand the possibilites with this plugin.

”Someone tells you about their suspicion against a player called RichRyan04. They believe the player is using Xray but don’t have any concrete evidence”


  • /co l u:RichRyan04 a:-block t:10d b:diamond_ore

This will display a list with the amount of diamond ores mined by RichRyan04 (-block for destroyed, +block for placed) the last 10 days. If the list is long the player is already suspected. As seen below it will even show the coordinates of the location where the block was destroyed.

Now you can teleport to the given position and check for wierd looking xray mining patterns. You can use /co inspect to see where the ores where.

My greatest advice to you as a Moderator is to use this effectively. This situation was pretty easy to solve but it should make you realize the possibilites this fundamental plugin and hopefully make you use it more often for more complex situations aswell.

Cheers, rustyanimal